Frequently Asked Questions for Junk Car Removal

How does Junk Car removal work?  Where does my scrap car get taken to when removed from my yard? 

  1. You call Yard Junk at 604-808-1646.
  2. You meet us and show us where the car is located.
  3. We offer you money based on the value of the car.
  4. You watch us hook it up and tow it away.
  5. You relax and enjoy your now clear yard.

Depending on the car type, make, model and condition, Yard Junk may choose to take the car to a variety of auto recyclers who will best be able to salvage working parts for use by drivers that see the advantage of buying used parts. If the vehicle is only valuable as scrap metal, it is taken to a metal buyer.

Old cars that are not in servicable condtions or even those that are simply neglected and not maintained can leak dangerous, toxic chemicals and heavy metals into the street drains or into the soil where children or animals play. This causes not only a dangerous environment, but also is unsightly and unsanitary. Leaving a junk car in your yard does nothing to add to your property value or the value of a continuing depreciating asset. When you let Yard Junk take your vehicle for recycling, you will get a clear yard as well as cash for your pockets!

Yard Junk is a family company that cares about the environment and we are happy to serve you with care and respect.  Our main goal is to ensure that you get the highest possible market value for your junk car. We are not a facelsss corporation that is simply interested in the almighty dollar.  We are regular people just like you that live in Surrey and care about how our neighbourhoods look.  Support a local business.  The money that we earn stays in our community.

Calling a towing company to take away your junk cars will cost your money. By calling Yard Junk, we will pay YOU to call us and tow your junk car away. Remmeber, cash for cars is teh key

By leaving a junk car in your yard the toxic fluids and heavy metals are leaking into the ground and poisoning your environment. When you call Yard Junk to tow your junk car away you will be ensured that the reclaimed fluids are being properly treated or recycled in approved facilities that are licenced to handle such materials.

Yes, it is important that you are home when your junk car is being picked up.  This is to ensure that the correct vehicle is being hauled away as well as to sign the necessary paperwork.

While it is best to have the proper registration papers to prove you are the owner of the vehicle being towed, we can also tow vehicles away that have no proof of ownership but this may cause a delay in your payment until the necessary legal steps can be carried out to ensure that this vehicle is able to be recycled legally.  We do require proper identification of the person who is authorizing the tow.

Having four servicable tires is preferable, but we can also place the junk vehicle on special dollies to tow it away if needed.

We try to make all towing appointments the same day whenever possible but there are times when Yard Junk is very busy and we will have to schedule a tow at the next available time which is usually no more than the next day.

With Yard Junk, you never pay for the tow of a Junk Car.  Our Junk Car removal service is funded by the market value of the materials in your car, therefore you bear no cost for the tow.

The Yard Junk drivers are set up to tow your vehicle.  They are not capable of helping you clear your yard and move items as we have a busy schedule of helping others with set appointment times to have their Junk Cars removed.  Please have the car accessible and free of items you wish to keep.

Please see the map of Yard Junk Service Areas.  Basically, Lower Mainland BC : Vancouver, Abbotsford, Aldergrove, Langley, Mission, Maple Ridge, Pitt Meadows, Richmond, Delta

The value of your Scrap Car or Junk Car depends on many things such as market price of metal, to the value of any salvagable parts on the car.  We will determine the price upon seeing the car.

If you have the required registration forms for the vehicle it is important to sign and surrender your registration as proof that this is a legal transaction. Your help in this matter is very important.

Please do not cancel the insurance until after the Junk Car has been towed away.

As long as the car can be picked up, it is of value.  A pile of rust that will not hold together might not be worth much but at least it will be gone!

Again, there is absolutely no cost to you for our Junk Car Removal Service.  Sell cars to Yard Junk and we will take care of the rest!

Recycling is the key for Yard Junk to make money.  We do the work of taking your junk car and finding a buyer for the recyclable parts and metals within.