Should you break down your car before junking it?

Junkyards and scrappers are in the business of selling and recycling parts, not buying and reselling vehicles.  Junkyards buy old cars for scrap metal, which is found predominantly on the body of the vehicle—not its features, mileage, or overall state of a running ride.

One of the biggest mistakes people who want to junk their old cars make is assuming that because their car is still running smoothly, despite age or other factors, is that they’re going to get a higher payout for their car. This is with the mindset that selling their old car means to be resold, at a much lower price.

Their business is usually in scrapping and recycling materials, not buying and reselling used cars. The junk value of a car is determined by its weight, not its parts or features. So, would it be better to break down the parts of your car before selling it to junkyards?

While many people—especially car owners would agree that breaking it down, selling the parts individually first, then eventually junking it up can help them maximize their profits, studies and surveys have found that there is no guarantee that the income will increase. Only in some cases can a person make more money selling their junk car piece by piece instead of all at once. However, it is just fair to acknowledge that it is also seldom that junkyards pay more for the functional and valuable parts that are not junked along with the rest of the car.

Before breaking down your car

Before breaking down your car, you must first consider that once you break it apart, there is always a chance of making more damage to the parts and the vehicle as a whole. Keep in mind that you have to to take apart a vehicle effectively, backed up with patience, knowledge, and the proper tools around. It also requires a sincere dedication to breaking down a vehicle, little by little.

A task such as this is not safe for a person unfamiliar with car and truck repair. In the end, if you don’t have all these, you probably want to sell it compact to a junkyard. After all, one of the reasons you would do so is to save you the hassle of having to deal with it, right?

If you really wish to break your junk car down into pieces and sell it part by part, you can acquire the services of a professional mechanic, who can do the job without the chances of breaking it more. He or she can also help you evaluate the real value of your car, as well as the separate parts you wish to sell individually.

Keep in mind that of all the parts of the car, most often the tires are some of the easiest to sell, as long as they are in good shape, not overused, and not overly worn down. You can probably get a comfortable amount of money for them, particularly if you have an unusual type or size tire which is difficult to find. You can sell them online, or through friends and connections who may have been looking for it. Some dealers also buy used cars for their own recycling. Even craft shows accept old tires and rubbers too.

Your car’s radio or stereo system is another easy sale, and it should be very easy to remove. Your sound system is one of the most used and most frequently broken items in your car. It is also one of the most commonly stolen, and there is a reason for that. Generally, a decent sound system for a car will sell pretty quickly online, which makes it an easy enough sale.


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