How Much Are You Junk Car Worth? (Infographic)

Think about it: Instead of letting it sit and rot in a should-be useful space in your garage, you can make some money by selling it to your chosen junkyard. Depending on the car’s condition, they will do a quick appraisal, which is where they will calculate the amount paid to you on. Junkyards are always on the hunt for any old vehicle which can be something that has been abandoned and left on your property by someone else, a car that has been totaled or severely damaged in an accident, or an old car that has served you well are all wanted by junkyards. All you have to do is make the call and start the process.

But, how do junkyards appraise your car’s value? How can you know the pay is right? Here are some things you have to know before saying yes to your chosen junk yard’s offer:

How much are you junk car worth? (Infographic)

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