How Can You Save and Make More Money by Junking Your Car?

One of the most common reasons why many people junk their old cars is that of the income they can potentially get. Think about it, instead of spending lots of money in maintaining it, trying to revive it, or keeping it just for the sake of sentimental value, why not junk it? That way, you can not only earn money but lessen your expenses as well.

Here are some ways you can save and make more money by junking your car at the same time:

There’s money in junk!

Instead of letting it sit on some should-be useful space in your garage, rotting, you can make some money by selling it to your chosen junk yard. Depending on the car’s condition, they will do a quick appraisal, which is what they will base the amount paid to you on. Junk yards are always on the hunt for any old vehicle which can be something that has been abandoned and left on your property by someone else, a car that has been totaled or severely damaged in an accident, or an old car that has served you well are all wanted by junk yards. All you have to do is make the call and start the process.

Reduce your maintaining costs

Keeping up with your old car’s maintenance requirements can be hard on the pockets, especially if you pay more than it actually serves you. All vehicles will eventually need some repairs; some will cost very little and other repairs will be costly and extensive.

When the repairs start costing more than the vehicle is worth, it is time to consider junking it. Most junk yards offer free towing and will go get the car wherever it is located.

Practical car owners should not have to waste any more money trying to get it back to work. Imagine the savings you can make if you remove the burden of maintaining an old car, which can be already considered a scrap.

Make use of the space

Make use of the space

Since your old car may not be as efficient and usable as it is back when it was relatively new, chances are it is just left collecting dust and rusting in your garage. It is probably taking up a lot of valuable space in either your driveway, yard, or garage. Junking your old car can clear out some space which can be used for more productive reasons or could be used as space for more important things.

Is it really time to say good bye to your old road trip buddy?

But, before deciding to junk your car for additional bucks, make sure it’s for the best.

Cars usually last for three to four years nowadays, according to car analysts and enthusiasts. So, if you feel that you have maxed it out, accept the fact that it is time to let go. Is the ‘emergency’ sign always lit up? Does it break down more often than it should? Maybe it’s time to der scrapping your car and reap its benefits instead.

You should ask yourself, are broken or hard to roll windows, torn seats, broken door locks, weak brakes, and seats that will no longer recline worth holding on to?  Yes, while these may be small, fixable errors, it will eventually bring a burden to your pockets once you start adding everything up.

Rust comes in different levels of severity. Much like any issue with a car, it starts off small and builds. For cars with a little rust on the exterior, there’s not much to worry about. Rust becomes an issue after it begins to break down the undercarriage – the support – of your car and other important parts such as fuel lines or brakes. If your vehicle has become a rust bucket, it may be time to junk it before it becomes a broken car.

It may be more beneficial to junk your car and sell it for parts or salvage, rather than selling it to a private buyer. Not only is the process faster and more convenient to sell the car for scrap, but you may be able to get more cash by recycling it.

If you tried selling it as a second hand/used car online or through private dealers, yet no one wants a piece of it for any reason, maybe junking is the best way to go. If you have exhausted all your efforts and resources yet nobody seems to be interested in taking it in, do yourself a favor and just junk it. It maybe the easy way out, but at least you earn money instead of letting it sit and rot for years in your garage.




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