Benefits of Junking your Car

Letting go of your precious car is not easy. Especially if you have treated it as your ‘baby’ back in the days. It is normal for people to hold onto their broken vehicles for as long as they can for its sentimental value. But, as time pass by and the needs arise, sooner or later, you will need to have it removed from your garage or backyard.


Are you ready in junking your old car? After you have said your goodbyes with your on the road buddy for years, there are still things you need to do before letting your chosen junkyard take it. Exchanging a junk car for cash is one of the better options in letting go of your previously precious vehicle.


If you still need some convincing, here is a list of benefits you can get when you junk your car:


Additional money

Instead of letting it sit one some should-be useful space in your garage, rotting, you can make some money by selling it to your chosen junk yard. Depending on the car’s condition, they will do a quick appraisal, which is what they will base the amount paid to you on. Junk yards are always on the hunt for any old vehicle which can be something that has been abandoned and left on your property by someone else, a car that has been totaled or severely damaged in an accident, or an old car that has served you well are all wanted by junk yards. All you have to do is make the call and start the process.


Reduced expenses

Keeping up with your old car’s maintenance requirements can be hard on the pockets, especially if you pay more than it actually serves you. All vehicles will eventually need some repairs; some will cost very little and other repairs will be costly and extensive.


When the repairs start costing more than the vehicle is worth, it is time to consider junking it. Most junk yards offer free towing and will go get the car wherever it is located.

Practical car owners should not have to waste any more money trying to get it back to working. Imagine the savings you can make if you remove the burden of maintaining an old car, which can be already considered a scrap.


More space

Since your old car may not be as efficient and useable as it is back when it was relatively new, chances are it is just left collecting dust and rusting in your garage. It is probably taking up a lot of valuable space in either your driveway, yard, or garage. Junking your old car can clear out some space which can be used for more productive reasons or could be used as space for more important things.


Save the environment

Because you junk your old car and refrain from using it on the road, you help get emission-polluting vehicles off the highway. One of the reasons why you should already junk your old car is its potential damage to the environment and everyone’s health.


Letting a car sit for months and even years can create different kinds of damaging issues to the environment—air, water and land. Eventually, the plastics, rubbers, and connections will start to break down, which can create avenues for fluids and chemicals to drop down into the soil and eventually the nearest water supply. It can also release dark and thick smoke too, which can be a threat to you and your family’s health when inhaled.


Did you know that cars can be recycled too? Most people are not aware of that fact and commonly think of cardboard, plastic bottles, glass, and paper when they think about recycling. Your old car’s tires, batteries, glass, steel, iron, belts, radiators, carpets, mats, seats, transmissions, rubber, and oil filters are just some of the parts and pieces that can be used again if recycled properly. Almost every part of a car is recyclable, only an approximate of 20% are just eventually thrown into a landfill.


When these parts are available for recycling, items can be made with already-existing materials instead of having to harvest or manufacture more which saves an incredible amount of money and time.



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